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fuck Barnes&Noble 

they sent me the wrong delivery instead of my *autographed* TLOS3

and its gonna take another month, or another year, to ship back to Australia if im lucky to get my books back. 

just fuck you, Barnes&Noble. 





so no one told you life was gonna be this way

your blog’s a joke you’re broke your otp is gay

it’s like you’re always just stuck waiting here

for a tv show that’s not been on for months, or even for years

but, tumblr’s here for youuu, when the tears start to fall

tumblr’s here for youu, like no website before

tumblr’s here for you, ‘cause you’ve got nothing else to do


What if Mercedes hadn’t stopped them?


2,259 words

Rated M for reasons

Kurt was walking towards the church when he suddenly saw a familiar Prius pull into the parking lot.  He watched the driver back into an empty space, feeling his stomach twist a little.   He stopped in his tracks for a second, staring at the car.  Before he was even conscious of what he was doing, he felt his legs begin to lead him to the car.  What are you doing; the wedding’s going to start soon!  He watched Blaine look up at him, his mouth forming an O in blatant surprise.  Ah, screw the wedding.  No, scratch that, there’s only one thing I want to screw…

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Alarm (A 4x18 Spoiler Reaction Fic)


Based off of spoilers we got awhile ago for episode 4x18: Shooting Star. So yes, this has spoiler speculation, even though it’s really just how I think the characters will react to the situation.

~2,400 words

Kurt hums as he puts his toothbrush back in the little cup by the sink, quickly fishing his phone out of his pocket when he feels it vibrating.

He’s having a good day. A great one, actually. It isn’t raining, for once, and Rachel and Santana are both out of the loft for a few hours, which means he is alone and its quiet and it’s just a good day.

Kurt grins when he sees his dad’s face lit up on the screen, and he quickly presses the green button before the call ends.

“Dad, hi,” Kurt says, grin still plastered on his face as he bounces on his toes a little. There’s silence on the other end of the line for a few moments, causing Kurt to pause and look at the wall in confusion. “Um, are you there?”

“Yeah, yeah, bud, I’m here.” His voice sounds tired and strained, like it does when he’s had a long day, or when he’s worried about his health, or when he’s worrying about Kurt, and just like that, Kurt’s good mood vanishes.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, his voice slipping a few octaves, because he can feel that something is wrong.

“You – you should turn on the news, bud.”

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darren-is-a-sexgod prompted: this postAfter combat class when Blaine says he’s fine he is actually really hurt and either doesn’t know it or doesn’t want anyone to see him as weak or something. Then cue angry Kurt because Blaine isin’t home or answering his phone. Then really worried Kurt because Blaine STILL isin’t home or answering his phone. Rest is up to filler.

Warnings: talk of bashing and violence, also things to do with eating/feeling overweight if you’re sensitive to that (I’m not sure how to tag that sort of thing) 

Kurt texts Blaine once when he gets home. Usually Blaine is already at the apartment, even though they don’t live together. They usually have a few sleepovers throughout the week or dinner together, but he isn’t there. 

When he doesn’t answer within half an hour, Kurt starts to get worried. Their combat class got pretty heated, definitely. Kurt still feels like Blaine really was out to get him for some reason, but was Blaine really avoiding him? 

So he texts him again. Then ten minutes later calls. And calls. 

That’s when he starts to worry and pace. Thoughts go through his head. After what happened to him a few weeks ago - his mind goes immediately to worry. 

Finally an hour later, he gets a call from Blaine and he answers it on the first ring. 

"Where were you?" he asks immediately. 

"I"m sorry," says Blaine. "I just - I was a little busy." 

"Bullshit." Kurt grips the phone tighter. "You never miss calls, Blaine. Or texts. You always find ways to reply. What happened?"

The other end of the call is quiet for a few long moments. Then a long sigh. 

"I was in urgent care."

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Kurt/hats (+crown hehe) due to popular demand! Companion piece to Blaine/stripes

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Just saw Chris’ interview and the part where they talk about Brian the flash pics of him up on the screen and when they get to the pic with the one where /someone/ is wearing pajama pants with birds on them, Chris says “Too much love, too much love.” He also again said “We just got a dog.” Thoughts?
First - Chris wears a shirt EXACTLY like Darren’s
Second - the question was COMPETELY set up and pre - planned.
Sharon says, “we have heard Chris … you have a diva living with you. who is causing drama.”
Half way through her question - Chris responds with “yes”
had he not been prepared for the question of who he is living with (he currently has three other people living in his home - yet he goes directly to Brian)  he would have hesitated much like he did the last time he was asked a question in this cryptic way about Brian.
hesitate & divert
But there was none of that  - so yes it was planned
which then means
 the pictures were pre-planned
Chris and/or his team (but most likely chris) chooses two photos of Brian.
Then as the second photo is shown he says not once but TWICE “too much love”  The exact wording from his IG post in September 2013
We should believe that he randomly remembers EXACTLY what he said almost a year ago on a random IG post?!
a post and especially the attached picture that has been analyzed and scrutinized multiple times
so, we either believe that Chris has an amazing spur of the moment memory - or he had something he wanted to say - and found a way to do it cryptically!
Just for fun - the tail end of the video (at 57seconds) I slowed down the moment when Chris said “too much love, too much love”
watch his body language!
He watches the screen intently and takes in the photo
the side to side hand exaggerated hand gesture (more common on Darren than Chris)
The huge smile
He lowers both of his hands to his thighs and rubs them back and forth as he diverts his eyes briefly down
when he looks back up from 1.03 on he is fighting a huge grin and laugh
Are you listening?!
Then to top it off - he makes the point of again saying
WE got a dog & WE bought three beds for the dog.
Don’t stop listening to him all!! :)
I only label it as obnoxious - cause that’s how I roll!

But I’m only human
And I bleed when I fall down

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